We Have a Winner!

My Guess


"Who else wants to know Dr Joe Vitale's "Secret" New word?"

The "FireWord"

The power of the word is undeniable.

Imagine a new world of possibilities opened by the concepts contained in one powerful word.

Lisa Coltman has captured Joe's new FireWord on video and in an upcoming DVD "What is Your Word and Why?

Can you change your world with just one word?

You're about to find out!

The Contest is over, but see if you can guess Joe's Secert FireWord. You'll get acces to alot of other cool videos too.









We Have a Winner!

Fill out the form above to see the Secret FireWord!



Joe will start dropping hints on Twitter and Facebook any day now. He may already be doing it.

He may even give some special hints on his blog or anywhere on the internet. So be on the lookout.

Imagine being the first person be in harmony with such a powerfully creative word.

You will be in an empowered position of:

  • Creativity
  • Strength
  • Love
  • Gratitude and
  • Wisdom

Were those hints?

Your reward for your Sherlock Holmes like feat of being the first person to correctly guess Joe's new secret word will be the:

"Secret Fireword Prize Pack"


A copy of http://www.attractmoneynow.com signed by Dr. Joe Vitale.

He will also hand write the "Secret FireWord" in the book along with his signature


A piece of Lisa Coltman's Sunfusion jewelry from the Mr Fire Collection themed around the “Fireword” signed by Lisa and Joe.

This will be a One of a Kind piece designed by Lisa and Joe exclusively for this prize package.

The Hypnotic piece to the left is a design from the Lisa Coltman's Joe Vitale Collection.


The “Secret FireWord” meditation video DVD from Harmonic Thought.

A beautifully produced video meditation that will be an easy to use daily reminder of the creative power of Joe's "FireWord".



“Secret FireWord” video, interview with Joe on the “Secret FireWord”

Joe reveals his Secret FireWord to the world and tells you how to be in harmony with such a powerfully creative word.

  Total "Secret FireWord" Prize Package


All yours for being the first to correctly guess Dr. Joe Vitale's "Secret FireWord"


To get all of the hints that Joe will be dropping over the next few weeks follow Joe Vitale, Lisa Coltman, and Chuck Pennington on Twitter and Facebook.

Joe on Twitter: @MrFire and Joe Vitale on Facebook

Lisa on Twitter: @SunFusionLisa and Lisa Coltman on Facebook

Chuck on Twitter @HarmonicThought and Chuck Pennington on Facebook


The contest winner will be announced on Friday November 27, 2009.

Good Luck!

My Guess